Not All Anti-Viruses are Created Equal

Do You Have the Best Solution?

Some Anti-Viruses are more comprehensive than others, being able to gather a wider variation of virus signatures overall. Others react faster than the rest, identifying the newest threats and updating user's definitions before most other solutions.

At the end of the day no one Anti-Virus (AV) can protect you from more than 10% of all new threats especially at day one of its release.

Get the Most Comprehensive Anti-Virus Solution Today

Most Comprehensive Anti-Virus Solution Download SecureAPlus Today. It's Free.

The One Anti-Virus You'll Ever Need

The Universal AV from SecureAPlus combines multiple popular and industry standard Anti-Virus engines into one. Leveraging the strengths of multiple individually powerful engines into one potent solution, UAV ensures the gaps inherent within a single definitions library, typical of most Anti-Virus solutions, are covered as much as possible.

Higher Detection Rates Like No Other AV

Leverage the Power of More than 10 Anti-Viruses at Once

Higher Detection Rates Like No Other AV

With the combined libraries of more than 10 Anti-Viruses, you can rest assured that the virus definitions that are used are more comprehensive than any other single software solution can offer making it one of (if not already) the best solution in the market.

Lightweight & Fast Solution in the Cloud

Finally an Anti-Virus Solution that doesn't slow you down. 

What makes Universal AV even better is that it is entirely in the cloud. Not only does this make use of minimal computer resources compared to standalone offline anti-viruses, but it also means that it can even work seamlessly with them.

Furthermore, it is simply fast. Enjoy full system scans that on average take less than a minute to complete. Now you can work or play as soon as you can.

Universal AV + Application Whitelisting

100% Protection. Guaranteed.

Universal AV and Application Whitelisting

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all, Universal AV is part of the Multiple Layers of Defense from SecureAPlus.

All untrusted applications detected by the powerful Application Whitelisting are not only compared against a comprehensive database of trusted application certificates, it is also thoroughly scanned by Universal AV's multiple anti-virus engines in the cloud.

The combined libraries of more than 10 anti-virus engines is invaluable to making informed decisions when trusting or denying possible threats detected by Application Whitelisting.

This allows you to confidently stay on top of malicious attacks that pose as harmless applications all the time.

SecureAPlus ensures that You are always in control.

In case you missed it,

SecureAPlus is Free

SecureAPlus is Free

Download SecureAPlus and get 100% total protection with more than 10 Anti-Viruses working together through Universal AV.