So What is Application Whitelisting?

It basically only allows trusted applications, those in a so-called whitelist, to run in your computer. Before new applications even run, it has to be approved by the person in-charge, either the system administrator or the IT professional, for guaranteed 100% protection.

Traditional Application Whitelisting

Effective. Expensive. Time Consuming.

As more dynamic applications with regular updates & reiterations were used, it became time-consuming and difficult to maintain an application whitelist.

Traditional Application Whitelisting

Application Blacklisting or Anti-Viruses, seemed more efficient in reacting to new threats through virus signatures which were periodically updated with new version installs & later through online updates. The imperfect approach was favored as it foregoes the high costs of manually maintaining an application whitelist.

Application Whitelisting, while more effective in security, never caught on due to its complexity and high costs.

SecureAPlus Application Whitelisting

Made Pure and Simple

SecureAPlus Application Whitelisting

SecureAPlus' powerful technology foregoes the process of manually defining and setting up your application whitelist. Simply install the application, finish the automated initial scan to build the initial whitelist, and you're done.

There's no need to call or be an IT professional. It just works.

After the initial scan it will never fail to detect and block any malware, even if it is freshly created and released. You will always get prompted if an untrusted application is trying to run in your computer.

You get full control of what application to trust for absolute threat protection. It's also smart enough to learn preferences and not prompt you from already trusted sources. It's fast and lightweight so you won't really notice it work its magic till it needs to inform you.

Get Powerful Application Whitelisting

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There are 227,000 New Threats Daily

The number of threats that Anti-Viruses look out for has grown exponentially. Worse, they're smarter with targeted attacks and grow faster at a rate of 227,727 new threats daily*. Virus definitions from your preferred solution alone simply aren't as timely and accurate enough to protect you 100% of the time.

The sheer volume of new threats daily has led some to believe, even a leading Anti-Virus company, to publicly declare that Anti-Viruses are dead.

This has renewed interest on Application Whitelisting as a tried and tested way of totally blocking any malicious attempts from ever succeeding.

SecureAPlus is Uncompromised Application Whitelisting Made Simple

* Based on 2014 findings by Panda Security. More info here.

In case you missed it,

SecureAPlus is Free

SecureAPlus is Free

Download SecureAPlus today and get 100% total protection with our powerful yet simple Application Whitelisting technology.