Get 12 Anti-Virus Engines in One

And full control of Windows PC Security with Application Whitelisting

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You Don’t Even Have to Replace Your Current Anti-Virus

So if you already have or paid for one, SecureAPlus works just fine with them. No conflict or slowdown, just a whole lot more protection.

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Having an Anti-Virus Software is Simply Not Enough Anymore

Poor detection

Zero Day Detection

300,000 new threats are created everyday. There's just no single anti-virus that can detect all of them within the first week.

False positive

False Positives

Ever wonder why some of your programs won't launch? Your Anti-Virus might have crippled it since they think it's a virus.

Slow down

It Slows Things Down

Scanning eats computer resources. You know what else it needs? Time. Usually more than you can afford to give.

SecureAPlus Takes Security Up Several Notches

Universal AV

More Reliable Detection Rates

Instead of relying on a single source, we'll check against multiple AntiVirus engines. This means you always get a second opinion whenever we detect a possible malware or virus.

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application whitelisting

Control Which Application Runs

We understand it's hard to know what can harm your PC all the time but that it's a lot easier knowing what can't.

Run only the applications you trust by whitelisting them. You'll only be prompted when an untrusted application tries to run.

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Full system scan

One Minute Full System Scans

After SecureAPlus completes the Initial Full System Scan, all further Full System Scans take less than a minute to finish.

The scanning happens in the cloud so your PC barely needs to do anything. No slow downs, just pure security.

Don’t Have an Anti-Virus Yet?

SecureAPlus is perfectly fine as a standalone security solution too. On top of all our 12 Anti-Virus engines, you can also choose to install our reliable Offline Anti-Virus.

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What Our Users are Saying

"I like SecureAPlus because it is reliable, unobtrusive and user friendly for noobies!. By whitelisting current programs on the PC, you can relax knowing you're prtected from most unknown threats. I found it to be compatible with all my other security software. Furthermore, it's light on system resources. I woud most definitely recommend this program, hence my 5-star rating."

Howard Ruderman, SecureAPlus User

"I agree with the idea of whitelisting applications to provide the highest security possible with the addition of multiple antivirus engines from popular vendors. It's a great addition to your current antivirus, antimalware, and antispyware applications."

Michael Bingham, SecureAPlus User

"SecureAPlus is one of the best antiviruses I have ever used. It is easy to use and doesn't affect your computer performance."

Ali Ahmed, SecureAPlus User

"I am loving this. It has 12 antivirus engines to compare results and decide if you want to delete a threat. I think it's the best solution ever!"

Chris Pavlidis, SecureAPlus User

"After installing and finishing the first scan, I could leave it to run silently in the background. The pop ups are not annoying to put you off. I find SecureAPlus easy to setup and user friendly. Great piece of free software."

Andrew Adams, SecureAPlus User

"SecureAPlus uses low resources yet provides excellent daily active protection for all home users. Good for all Windows operating systems and hardware. Great job at making this making it available for free!"